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Beneficiary Charities

Overgate Hospice

For someone who has never seen or been into a hospice before, the thought of going in whether it be for respite care, to get on top of pain or for any other reason can feel extremely daunting. This can also be the same for the family and the people who are supporting the person. Sinead, her partner and family were in the same position even though they could all see the benefits of going into the hospice.

From the moment Sinead stepped into the hospice, the Nurse and Doctor sat with everyone and made sure that she was completely comfortable, made sure everyone had a hot drink and most importantly throughout the initial meeting they made sure that they went at Sinead’s pace so that she wasn’t overwhelmed.

Though Sinead initially came in to get on top of the pain, she found that the hospice was a reassuring, safe and happy place to be. All of the initial worries and fears of what a hospice was thought to be, were completely blown away and sinead wanted to stay.

This was thanks to the incredible staff, from the cooks who made homemade meals each day to the nursing team who went above and beyond to ensure sinead was not just comfortable but happy and content. They would do everything in their power to keep Sinead independent and empowered her to know how independent she was being throughout. No matter what the circumstance everyone at the hospice have done more than anyone could expect, Sinead could see this in everyone and it made her feel incredibly special and loved.

Not only did all of the staff give so much to Sinead, but the also made sure that all of her family and close friends knew that they were there to talk to. Whether it be for information, advice or even just a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk things out with. They would always make time, and they would always ask and make sure everyone was okay.

The level of care, compassion and  that everyone gives at the hospice, makes it such a homely and happy place for everyone in it. Although initially the thought of going to a hospice was never on the books, going into the hospice was one of the best decisions Sinead made and no one should think twice about their decision.

The Christie

Any who faces possible life saving surgery is bound to be scared, overwhelmed and question whether the surgery is the right option for them. Initially Sinead was no exception to the thought of a 10 ½ hour operation which would result in lifelong changes.  but from the first meeting with the surgeon to the last check up after surgery all staff were on hand to make the process as easy and comforting as possible.

During the first meeting with the surgeon, they took the time to explain everything that was going to happen, going into as much detail as Sinead wanted to. He was able to relate the information and made it easy for Sinead to understand, whilst also putting her at ease. The way that the surgeon was able to comfort and put Sinead at ease was continued from when sinead was first admitted right until she had her final post operation check up. They had spare rooms within the hospital which meant that her partner could stay with her the entire time.

The christie recognises that their patients need not just medical and physical care but also emotional care which is often received from loved ones. throughout her time at the hospital, they allowed her partner to stay by her side for the most of her time which made a huge difference to her recovery and mental attitude.


From diagnosis, Macmillan held Sinead’s hand throughout her battle with cancer. No matter how small a scan may seem or how many sessions of chemotherapy she went through, they would always make sure Sinead was as comfortable as possible and had all the information she needed.  Any form of scan or treatment when related to cancer can seem much more daunting and scary, but the nurses and Macmillan staff always made sure that Sinead was prepared physically and mentally for anything that came along. All scans and treatments were always of the highest priority and they made sure that everything was done as soon as Sinead was ready, which made the treatment process much more reassuring for everyone involved.

Not only did Macmillan help Sinead, they were also a vital lifeline to Sinead’s family. Everyone at Macmillan had all the time in the world to talk to everyone affected, whether it was one of the nurses on the ward or her consultant, there was never a time they weren’t able to spare 1 minute or 1 hour for a chat. They would go out of their way to help arrange appointments and get you in contact with the right people if they agreed they wanted further help or information.

Macmillan made, what could have been an incredibly scary, lonely and incomprehensible journey as bearable and easy as it could have been for Sinead and everyone else around her. It’s easy to see how people can feel lost and alone while they are battling their cancer, but with the help of Macmillan there is no need for anyone to battle alone.

The Laura Crane Trust

Laura Crane recognises how much cancer can affect the life of a young person and they focus heavily on cancer research and raising the awareness of cancer within young people. They also help to fund events which are more relatable to the younger generation which helps people who are battling with their illness to meet others who are or have been in a similar position.

For anyone facing cancer it can make you feel like an outsider, and its events and the help that Laura Crane provide which helps people to feel normal, and helps them to realise that they no different and that everyone is stronger together.

Teenage Cancer Trust

When facing cancer, facing with the issues that it brings mentally, emotionally and physically can be difficult for anyone to deal with. The Teenage Cancer Trust provided Sinead with a key social worker. Having someone who was always available to talk, help, offer support and advice was priceless for Sinead. Sometimes talking to the people you love, your partner or your closest friends just isn’t right. Having a social worker gave Sinead the person she needed to be able to open up to, ask help adnd advise from when it didn’t feel right asking anyone else.

As well as supplying Sinead with a Social worker, they also invited her to many different events which allowed groups of young adults who were all facing cancer to be able to get together and get to know each other. Weather it was through a movies night in a cinema or through playing mini golf with families. The Teenage Cancer Trust enhances the lives of young adults with cancer and the difference they make is truly life changing.

The Willow Foundation

A break away from normal life for anyone can make the world of difference to your current mental state, it can relax you, excite you and even make you forget about the issues that you face on a daily basis. A break away when you have a life limiting illness is one of the best gifts anyone could provide, and this is how The Willow Foundation enhance the lives of young people who are dealing with life limiting illnesses.

The Willow Foundation paid fully for a weekend in London, with a show in the West End, all transport and transfers, as well as help towards paying for meals. Having a short break away completely organised, arranged and paid for you gives such a boost to all of the people who are battling together. For Sinead it brought constant joy, happiness and freedom for the entirety of the break.

CLIC Sargent

Unfortunately for many people, completely stopping work and still being able to have a steady income so that they can stay independent in their own home, still able to pay to eat out once in a while and keep to having the small things in life that makes everything easier; can seem impossible. Having someone who can help with where you can access additional funds from and to finance the things that are important in life can give a world of relief. CLIC Sargent provide this along with many other services, including events and concerts.

CLIC Sargent gave the opportunity for Sinead and her partner to attend a Keiser Chiefs concert in Leeds, whilst also getting to meet the band and finally getting to attend the after gig party with the band and their family. Being able to have this opportunity doesn’t come to many people, but they give so much to the people who are able to experience them, and Sinead was no exception.

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