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Get involved

There are so many ways to get involved and support us, and our beneficiary Charities!

You can make a small monthly donation, or a one-off gift, or you can use your talents, time and energy to create a challenge or event. Whatever you do, we will support you with how-to information and personal involvement.


Fundraise your own way!

Creativity, planning and fun are the secrets to fundraising success! We know that you have a creative idea that we just haven’t thought of yet – to get you thinking though, here are some examples that we know work really well!

  • Bake off! Sponsored baking competition – yum!
  • Bake it, make it, sell it! Bakes sales and fetes are old favourites that work a treat!
  • Quiz nights at the local pub, club or old age home
  • Auctions – you can auction your time and skill or items you have had donated
  • Golf days
  • Raffles – get your local business community to donate prizes and raffle them off at a community or school event!
  • Sponsored Silence or Meditation
  • A walk and a picnic
  • A Gruffalo hunt for your kids and their friends
  • A themed dance – go for the glamour of the 40’s, the cheeky exuberance of the 50’s, swing through the 60’s and 70’s with “flare”, slide through the 80’s in neon and big hair, go grunge or house in the 90’s or festival chick in the naughties, the variations and opportunities for fun are endless!
  • Book club: Ask colleagues to bring in their old books. Invite everyone to swap a book while making a small donation.
  • Baby photos: Ask your friends to dig out an old baby photo of themselves and pay £2 to play. The aim of the game is to guess ‘who is who’ and the winner receives a prize.

Top 5 fundraising tips

  • Remember to register your event with us – we’ll advertise it on our website and through social media and we will help, advise and offer encouragement too!
  • Create a plan – allow plenty of time for your fundraising and donation collection
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – for help from friends, family or colleagues
  • Maximise your sponsorship – create a target on your online fundraising page
  • Share your story – use social media to tell family and friends why you’re fundraising and to share your progress

A little more detail:

  • Have a plan:
    • Set dates of when you will do things in your diary. Include dates and times of an ‘initial ask’ and a ‘follow-up ask’ to keep a record of your success.
  • Allow plenty of time for any fundraising activities and secure outstanding donations as soon as possible.
  • Get help:
    • Ask friends and family to become your fundraising buddies up and down the country so they can call upon their network of contacts too.
  • Maximise your sponsorship:
    • Set a target on your My Donate page and share this via Facebook or Twitter, email, text, or in person. Regularly update your supporters when you hit benchmarks in your fundraising or when you need to make that final push, as it may inspire them to give a little extra, or to give at all. If you hit your target before the challenge or event, feel free to increase it!
  • Share your news:
    • Frequent updates on your social media pages about how your last training run went, a new sponsor for an event, a donation of an awesome raffle prize, thanking your sponsors or when you hit landmark fundraising targets are great ways to encourage people to donate without continually asking them directly.
  • Be email smart:
    • Adding a link to your fundraising page on your email signature, could generate unexpected support from clients, suppliers, businesses, colleagues and friends of friends. Check with your employers first.
  • Take Action:
    • Get your local press and media interested. Ask for a photo to support the article and remember to wear your Shine for Sinead pin or band!
  • Office fundraising:
    • Speak to your boss about a ‘matched giving scheme’. You may see your funds double! Your employer may be happy for you to organise a cake sale or a dress down day at work to help boost your fundraising. Colleagues are normally happy to throw a pound into the collection if it means eating chocolate cake and wearing their jeans to work, especially on a Friday!
  • Generate unexpected support:
    • Ask everyone; friends, their friends, company suppliers, local shops, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, the office watering hole, to support you.


Good luck with your event and thank you for your support!

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