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About Sinead

On the 13th July 2014, Sinead was admitted to Huddersfield Hospital with severe nausea and stomach pains. After having one doctor push for further scans and tests, the unfortunate diagnosis came on the 15th July 2014. Sinead was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. The cancer in her bowel had caused an obstruction, which is why she was in so much pain.

Sinead underwent a procedure where a stent was inserted into her bowel to clear the obstruction. Following this procedure, Sinead had to start a high fibre diet and therefore needed to be careful with what she ate in order to help her body. Sinead also needed to start chemotherapy as soon as possible and was referred for a 6-month cycle of treatment.  The stent worked well until October 2014, when it failed. Sinead had to have an emergency operation which resulted in her having an ileostomy.

On 19th November 2014, Sinead underwent huge surgery at The Christie in Manchester where she lost 2/3 of her bowel, appendix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and the peritoneum lining. The surgeons also checked everywhere to remove any other small localised cancerous tumours and cells. After this her insides were then bathed in chemotherapy which was kept at 42 degrees consistently for 90 minutes.

At this point the surgery went as successfully as it could have, with Sinead being completely cancer free at this point. Sinead then proceeded with another 6 months of chemotherapy to ensure that she had the best chance of ensuring the cancer was gone. Once this cycle of chemotherapy was over, Sinead had to wait for 3 months to allow her body to settle and to see how the surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy had affected the cancer.

In August 2015, after having further scans and tests, the bad news struck that Sinead’s cancer was back and She needed to have more chemotherapy. Sinead then agreed to undergo a much more aggressive cycle of chemotherapy sessions, which would result in losing her hair.

In February 2016, after Sinead’s Chemotherapy was finished, we were told that this time it was no longer a case of trying to cure the cancer, it was trying to manage the cancer and Sinead’s life the best we could. The cancer was back and it was aggressive, it had spread to her scar tissue and her lymph nodes. Sinead was given an initial prognosis of 6 months and that chemotherapy would have no further impact on the cancer. It was also agreed that Sinead would receive radiotherapy to help reduce the size of the tumours and the affect they may have on her body.

On the 23rd October 2016 Sinead agreed to stay at Overgate Hospice in Elland, which was initially to get on top of her pain and to find ways to help her manage better. Unfortunately, as time went on Sinead’s health started to decline more rapidly, and the help and support at the hospice was just what she needed. Sinead passed away comfortably and peacefully in her sleep and in her partner’s arms on the 22nd January 2017.

Sinead loved life loved her partner Jamie and her family, she achieved so much through the two and a half years she fought cancer.  She was a Year 3 Primary School Teacher and loved her job very much.  Sinead travelled to Amsterdam in October 2015, South Africa in December 2015, Sweden to see the Northern Lights in March 2016, and New York with her family in April 2016.  Sinead also enjoyed so many weekends away to London, Scotland, Whitby, York, Norwich, Harry Potter Studios and many more.

Sinead was supported not only by her partner and her family but she was lucky enough to have some lovely incredibly genuine friends who shared the joy, laughter and fun of the good times but also stuck with her and supported her through all of the bad times. Sinead knew how much everyone around her loved her, and she had so much love for them.

Sinead handled her aggressive treatments, her surgeries and the pain she suffered with such strength, dignity and courage.  Sinead accepted her fate and cared so much about how her partner, family and friends were coping, often reassuring them selflessly that everything would be okay. Sinead always had a positive outlook on every aspect of her life, no matter what else was going on.

Sinead would have done whatever possible to help the charities that were there for her. This charity is dedicated to helping all Sinead’s favourite charities. The care, support, help and love she received was priceless.

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